Some Christmas Travelling!

Some travelling around in the last few days,

has seen us visiting family around the north and the east in the state of Victoria.



Out walking at dusk on Christmas Day, Mt Buller looked stunning in the background.



As did Highton Manor, with the sun shining on it.



Back on the coast at a favourite spot.

Calm (above) before the storm. (below)



Called into Lily Lane at Rosedale who happened to be having a sale

and picked up some great fabrics for backings. Can’t wait to start on some new designs.



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Easter weekend!


Easter on the Ninety Mile Beach this year started

with some not so good weather, overcast, windy

and rough seas. Although we love this beach

in all weather.


What a difference a day makes,

clear skies, calm water and not another person in sight.


A visit to the newly opened

Lily Lane Too was in order to purchase some needed supplies.



To complete my stack of stars.



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Mystery Revealed!


A great sunrise a couple of days ago,

with dark clouds and a red sky.

Reminded me of the old saying

 ‘Red sky at  night Shepard’s delight.

red sky in the morning Shepard’s warning’.

How true it is, half an hour into our walk and it started to rain

and rain and rain and rain.

Quite a relieve after all the hot weather we’ve had.


Sunrise 13-1-17a


Mystery quilt has been revealed, with many participants

staying up sewing to complete their quilts.

At the moment all I have time for,

is to lay mine out to see the possibilities.

The first, is the layout per instructions.


En Provence Finale1


As my lighter purples are a little too light,

they tend to run into my neutrals. (light grey)

I turned my purple four patch blocks around to reveal the second pic.


En Provence Finale2


I’m tempted to go with the second choice.


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Finished quilts & Show and Tell!

It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of October

and yet we still need the heater going.

Overnight temps as low as 3°C with rain, hail and some places snow.

Stitching by the fire


The perfect weather to be inside stitching.

This quilt just back from the quilter needs to be bound.



And another day, another quilt that needs binding.



 Some show and tell at Lily Lane, Gwenneth has completed her version of Winter Blooms.



A close up of the stunning quilting, by Jennifer at Lily Lane.



Another very pretty version of Winter Blooms, with the applique completed.





Some wildlife from the Aussie bush, where we are staying.

The kangaroo has a joey in her pouch but unfortunately didn’t come out for us to see.

The magpies are residents that we see all the time.


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Grand Illusion Mystery Part 2!


In this past week, I have managed to complete the following

towards Grand Illusion Mystery quilt

part 5, four patch blocks.


Grand Illusion c


Well on my way with part 2 blocks.


Grand Illusion d


Purchased some new threads to try out and am really liking these.


Grand Illusion g


With part 3 I decided to piece my blocks differently from

Bonnie’s instructions due to my neutrals being shorter in length.

They will still look the same in the end.

Grand Illusion e


Grand Illusion f


First block nearly completed. I used a number of different

yellows as I didn’t have enough of any of them just to use one

as a constant, so mine is totally scrappy.

I am thrilled with how its coming together.


Grand Illusion h


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Weather Extremes!


Its true what is said about Melbourne weather,

or rather Victoria as we are not actually in Melbourne.

Four seasons in one day: forecast for yesterday, hot with the chance

of a thunderstorm later.


Magnolia 7-1-15


My Little Gem Magnolia first thing in the morning and just after lunch.

Enjoy them while they last as in this heat they won’t last long.

We reached a top of 42 degrees celsious by mid afternoon.

While bushfires raged out of control in parts of the state a lot

started by lightning strikes, we had our own storm which

thankfully not a lot of damage for us,

although four inches of water flowed through our garage.

Neighbours had tiles off roofs and minor damage,

but around the district the same could not be said.


Storm 7-1-15 f


Storm 7-1-15 g


Storm 7-1-15 c


Roads are closed and chains saws could be heard all night

and still this morning while the clean-up continues.

We lost power for about four hours, one report this morning said some

residents could be with out power for up to six days.


Storm 7-1-15 d


Last night we heard a rumor that our hall had lost its roof.

Hard to believe, but true. with debris strewn all over the road

and around the surrounding shops.


Storm 7-1-15 h


Storm 7-1-15 i


Storm 7-1-15 j


Storm 7-1-15 k


Storm 7-1-15 b


Our rain gage registered 32mls. 22mls from the storm

and the rest from light showers in the night.

On the roof is one of our resident Magpies.

Obviously they found a same place to survive the storm.


Storm 7-1-15 l


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