Some Christmas Travelling!

Some travelling around in the last few days,

has seen us visiting family around the north and the east in the state of Victoria.



Out walking at dusk on Christmas Day, Mt Buller looked stunning in the background.



As did Highton Manor, with the sun shining on it.



Back on the coast at a favourite spot.

Calm (above) before the storm. (below)



Called into Lily Lane at Rosedale who happened to be having a sale

and picked up some great fabrics for backings. Can’t wait to start on some new designs.



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Mystery Sewing!


Week/clue 5 of the Mystery Quilt is now complete,




with much of week/clue 4 also complete.




Yesterday summer storms rolled in after temperatures of 38°c. (100°f)

This was the view from the road as we raced over to the beach for more pics.






Looks impressive and makes our beach look very tropical,

but not a lot of rain for us compared to other places.

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Continual Storm Clean-up!


Awoke early this morning to get a start on the day

before the chainsaws and mulchers begin, (as well as the media in helicopters above)

started for the day in the continual clean up from the storm

even after two weeks.

– see previous post and more pics here.

I know a lot of people have had property damage,

crews have been working tirelessly to repair

homes and to restore their power supply after three days.


Storm 8-1-15


Now that the roads are open again we get to a closer look

at  the amount of damage caused. Each time I drive down that

section I get to see a little more of the distruction.


Storm 7-1-15 n


Front view above and side view below.


Storm 7-1-15 o


Storm 7-1-15 m


This family had two giant cypresses uprooted in their front yard.

You can’ tell from the photos that  the base of this cypress

was about 3 metres across.


Storm 7-1-15 p


This gateway was distroyed by falling cypress trees.

(now totally removed)


Storm 7-1-15 r


Storm 7-1-15 q


This properties trees were just shredded.

We were so lucky to have so little damage.


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