Mystery Quilt Completion!

For many years I had admired the Quiltville Mystery Quilts

and way back in 2014 I decided to be join in the fun.

Surely I could collect the clues each week and keep up, right.



The timing was perfect as they started at the end of the year

when I had some down time. I did manage to complete part of each clue.



But after Christmas it was packed away in a box, along with all the fabrics

as I could no longer commit any more time.



Each year when the new mystery quilt started the same thing would happen.

Start each clue, then pack it away.



Due to circumstances this year with the

global pandemic of covid 19 and being in lockdown.

It seemed the perfect time to open these boxes and complete

at least one before the commencement of this years.



A few changes to the layout of mine, due to incorrect cutting

and a determination to use what I had cut and a slightly smaller size.



Really love how this has turned out, the colours are so vibrant.

Quilt top completed, binding made and backing ready for when I can get it to the quilters.

All of the remaining fabrics can now go back into the stash,

the box of fabrics looks just as full as when I started.



On a mission now to see if I can finish another this year

before the start of the new one for this year.




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Grand Illusion Mystery Part 2!


In this past week, I have managed to complete the following

towards Grand Illusion Mystery quilt

part 5, four patch blocks.


Grand Illusion c


Well on my way with part 2 blocks.


Grand Illusion d


Purchased some new threads to try out and am really liking these.


Grand Illusion g


With part 3 I decided to piece my blocks differently from

Bonnie’s instructions due to my neutrals being shorter in length.

They will still look the same in the end.

Grand Illusion e


Grand Illusion f


First block nearly completed. I used a number of different

yellows as I didn’t have enough of any of them just to use one

as a constant, so mine is totally scrappy.

I am thrilled with how its coming together.


Grand Illusion h


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Grand Illusion Mystery!


This year I decided to participate in a mystery quilt,

by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville. I have admired many of

Bonnie’s Mystery quilts in the past but usually am too late

or busy to participate. Trying to reduce and use fabrics from my stash only,

these were my first choice.


Grand Illusions g


Wasn’t happy with the green, too muted.

So added these instead.


Grand Illusions h


I haven’t kept up with the clues each week, but have

completed the first week clue.


Grand Illusions a


Grand Illusions b


Grand Illusions c


Grand Illusions d


100 of these beauties.

Also week four clue.

40 each of Broken Dishes #2 and Broken Dishes #3


Grand Illusions e


Grand Illusions f


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