Mystery Revealed!


A great sunrise a couple of days ago,

with dark clouds and a red sky.

Reminded me of the old saying

 ‘Red sky at  night Shepard’s delight.

red sky in the morning Shepard’s warning’.

How true it is, half an hour into our walk and it started to rain

and rain and rain and rain.

Quite a relieve after all the hot weather we’ve had.


Sunrise 13-1-17a


Mystery quilt has been revealed, with many participants

staying up sewing to complete their quilts.

At the moment all I have time for,

is to lay mine out to see the possibilities.

The first, is the layout per instructions.


En Provence Finale1


As my lighter purples are a little too light,

they tend to run into my neutrals. (light grey)

I turned my purple four patch blocks around to reveal the second pic.


En Provence Finale2


I’m tempted to go with the second choice.


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Mystery Sewing!


Week/clue 5 of the Mystery Quilt is now complete,




with much of week/clue 4 also complete.




Yesterday summer storms rolled in after temperatures of 38°c. (100°f)

This was the view from the road as we raced over to the beach for more pics.






Looks impressive and makes our beach look very tropical,

but not a lot of rain for us compared to other places.

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Mystery Progress!


While tidying up the sewing room, I can across these assorted greys,

left over from other projects throughout the year.

A quick and easy decision was made to change my

neutrals to these.




Time wise it has set me back a little,

some time is left before the next clue comes out.

Loving how these are coming together.




My week 2 blocks are grouped together in colour

not by number, at least these are completed.




And a good start to week 3.




Have a look at everyone’s progress here.


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Decisions & Choices!

Before I get left behind too far with the mystery quilt which is already

at the 2nd week, I had to decide on fabrics.

This year I really wanted to use something different from the suggested colours.

Finally I am going with this as my constant

and I should have enough if I want to use this for the binding

depending how big it ends up,




as for the remaining fabric selection they will be chosen as needed.




I’ll spend a few hours this afternoon stitching these units together

and hopefully some of the four patch from week one.

Using my trusty little Husqvarna from the seventies.




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Allietare Update!

Allietare 6e

Allietare 6d

Unfortunately my Allietare Mystery Quilt has not progressed

any further than the four blocks shown on a previous post.

Due to the number of classes and workshops commitments booked in the next few months,

I have had to neatly pack it away till I can get back to it.

You can see more Allietare updates here.

I am loving the colour combinations of all the completed quilts.


Allietare 2-16b


Allietare 2-16a


The next two Saturdays, I will be teaching Winter Blooms

at The Sewing Bee Cafe in Baxter, Victoria. A couple of places

are left if you would like to learn to make 3D flowers

a specialty of mine.


Winter Blooms Sept2015aa


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Allietare Mystery!


Allietare 4a

The pieces for Allietare Mystery Quilt part 4 are almost cut out.

Starting to fall behind, although now that Christmas is over for another year

I can get back to the sewing machine.

You can view what others are doing in their mystery quilts here.


Palm Beach Quilting a

This is what I have been working on. The quilting is now finished

and the binding machine stitched on, just the hand stitching

to do at night while watching TV with the family.

Kits for this quilt will be available in the New Year.


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Grand Illusion Mystery!


This year I decided to participate in a mystery quilt,

by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville. I have admired many of

Bonnie’s Mystery quilts in the past but usually am too late

or busy to participate. Trying to reduce and use fabrics from my stash only,

these were my first choice.


Grand Illusions g


Wasn’t happy with the green, too muted.

So added these instead.


Grand Illusions h


I haven’t kept up with the clues each week, but have

completed the first week clue.


Grand Illusions a


Grand Illusions b


Grand Illusions c


Grand Illusions d


100 of these beauties.

Also week four clue.

40 each of Broken Dishes #2 and Broken Dishes #3


Grand Illusions e


Grand Illusions f


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