Mystery Revealed!


A great sunrise a couple of days ago,

with dark clouds and a red sky.

Reminded me of the old saying

 ‘Red sky at  night Shepard’s delight.

red sky in the morning Shepard’s warning’.

How true it is, half an hour into our walk and it started to rain

and rain and rain and rain.

Quite a relieve after all the hot weather we’ve had.


Sunrise 13-1-17a


Mystery quilt has been revealed, with many participants

staying up sewing to complete their quilts.

At the moment all I have time for,

is to lay mine out to see the possibilities.

The first, is the layout per instructions.


En Provence Finale1


As my lighter purples are a little too light,

they tend to run into my neutrals. (light grey)

I turned my purple four patch blocks around to reveal the second pic.


En Provence Finale2


I’m tempted to go with the second choice.


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Allietare Mystery!

Progress this week towards the Allietare Mystery

has been a little slower.

I have managed to half complete the four patch blocks.


Allietare 3a


I did get a little sidetracked again,

making some more string blocks.

Allietare 3b


Which are starting to mount up.

Allietare 3c


And these miniature blocks too.

So cute.

Allietare 3d

You can see the progress of others here.

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