Some Christmas Travelling!

Some travelling around in the last few days,

has seen us visiting family around the north and the east in the state of Victoria.



Out walking at dusk on Christmas Day, Mt Buller looked stunning in the background.



As did Highton Manor, with the sun shining on it.



Back on the coast at a favourite spot.

Calm (above) before the storm. (below)



Called into Lily Lane at Rosedale who happened to be having a sale

and picked up some great fabrics for backings. Can’t wait to start on some new designs.



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Alpine National Park!


After spending Christmas in Mansfield,

we decided to take the scenic route to the

Ninety Mile Beach. First stop was Jamieson,

a small ex gold mining town on the edge of Lake Eildon.

On a glorious mild summers day we left  Jamieson headed

towards the Alpine National Park.


Great Divide f


As we climbed higher and further into the park

on this quiet country summer only road,

the clouds got thicker and darker and before long

we were in the clouds and the temperate dropped to a chilly 4 degrees celsius.


Great Divide c


Although we were up in the clouds, there were glimpes

of stunning scenery.

Great Divide g


Lots and lots of dead snow gums, remnants from the 2006/2007

bushfires. If you look closely in the next couple of pics you

can see the road we are about to travel on before heading into more clouds.


Great Divide a


Great Divide b


Occasionally the sun peeped through and it looked like there was snow

on the ghost gums.


Great Divide k


At the top of Mt Skene was lots of  lovely wildflowers,

apparently in mid January the display is magnificent.


Great Divide Flowers


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