Decisions & Choices!

Before I get left behind too far with the mystery quilt which is already

at the 2nd week, I had to decide on fabrics.

This year I really wanted to use something different from the suggested colours.

Finally I am going with this as my constant

and I should have enough if I want to use this for the binding

depending how big it ends up,




as for the remaining fabric selection they will be chosen as needed.




I’ll spend a few hours this afternoon stitching these units together

and hopefully some of the four patch from week one.

Using my trusty little Husqvarna from the seventies.




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New Addition!


With no computer or internet for a couple of weeks,

I have lots of photos to sort through.


Husqvarna a


I picked up this little beauty at a local guild meeting,

a blast from the 70’s, in its original case.


Husqvarna b


Checkout the case lining.


Husqvarna c


Husqvarna e


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