Grand Illusion Mystery!


This year I decided to participate in a mystery quilt,

by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville. I have admired many of

Bonnie’s Mystery quilts in the past but usually am too late

or busy to participate. Trying to reduce and use fabrics from my stash only,

these were my first choice.


Grand Illusions g


Wasn’t happy with the green, too muted.

So added these instead.


Grand Illusions h


I haven’t kept up with the clues each week, but have

completed the first week clue.


Grand Illusions a


Grand Illusions b


Grand Illusions c


Grand Illusions d


100 of these beauties.

Also week four clue.

40 each of Broken Dishes #2 and Broken Dishes #3


Grand Illusions e


Grand Illusions f


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