Panel Quilts!


This year there seems to be a lot of great panels

around for quilters..

From babies, toddlers right through to adults

there are some really gorgeous ones around.

Earlier this year was another post with some Australian wildlife.

Here is just a sampling of the many quilts

I’ve designed recently using such panels.


(Precious Time (Owl, Hippo & Flamingo)


These first three panels are from a range called A Mother’s Love.

Same quilt design but how different they all look.


Simply Magical



These panels are part of the range A Magical Time.

Perfect for  anyone who loves unicorns.


Dream Flight


These last two are from Grand Adventure.

with some great coordinating fabrics.

And a personal favourite.


Whistle Stop


All panels, coordinating prints and solids are part of the

Devonstone Collection from 2 Green Zebras.

And all quilts are now available as patterns,

stockists are listed on the right hand side on this page.

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Love those Purples!


Part 4 of the Mystery quilt is not stitched yet, just cut out in preparation.




After working on my purple 4 patch, I realized I needed more fabric.

A check of my stash revealed these beauties just waiting to be used.




Now I can add some more variety to these partly

completed 4 patches.




Still more of the grey 4 patches to be completed as well.




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New Projects & Fabric Sorting!


Its that time of year when my sewing rooms needs to be reorganized,

to sort the fabric stash and to play prepare for new projects

in the new year.




These have been pulled from the stash, for something in the not too far future.




Its also that time of the year that many of us start a mystery quilt.

Not sure of my colourway yet, as I’m wanting to use something different

from the suggested colour palate.




Although I did grab these from my neutral fat quarters,

but won’t go with the brights.



Hopefully will have made my mind up before the next clue.


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Happy Australia Day!



While searching for images to use in today’s post I came across this one below

and another suggesting to post some photos of our favourite places around

this great country we live in. Some I have posted before and others are totally new.


Happy Australia Day


Sunrise from our driveway 5.30 am one day last week,

off for my early morning walk.


Sunrise over the Ninety Mile Beach, Gippsland Victoria.

New Year 2016d


Noojee Trestle Bridge

Trestle Bridge a


Beautiful tall tree ferns and the smell of the gum trees after a shower of rain.

Fabric Frolic 15b


Great Divide c


Victoria’s High Country above & below.

Great Divide a




Murphy’s Haystacks, South Australia.



Mum Magpie and her very young chick.

         Magpies 1       Magpies 3


Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella






Aussie Beach Huts


Unique Aussie beach huts on the Mornington Peninsula.


Aussie beach Hut


The perfect finish, sunset over the water.

Happy Australia Day!


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Allietare, The Mystery no more!

Allietare is no longer a mystery,

with all clues now given it is time

to put the blocks together.

Allietare 6d


Allietare 6e


I love the colour combinations of the other participants as seen here.

 Allietare 6a


I have manage to use a lot of my scraps from the scrap box,

not only in the mystery quilt but in this ever growing stack of string blocks.


Allietare 6f


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Allietare Mystery!

Week one blocks are now completed.

Allietare 2a


And week two well under way,

Allietare 2b


I did get a little distracted by Bonnie’s string blocks and

decided to make a few myself. Really loving this technique.

Allietare 2c


You can see everyone’s Allietare progress here.


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Christmas Shopping!

This year I decided to do my Christmas shopping a little different.

To save time and away from noisy shopping centres,

much has been purchased online. Which means more time for sewing.



Parcels are starting to arrive.



 Inevitably you come across something you may like for yourself,

as I did with these books and magazines. These magazines I haven’t

been able to purchase locally for about 6 years and with a huge discount

where to hard to say no to. They are staying wrapped like this till after Christmas

when I have some time to look at them properly.

And a bonus bag was a surprise find in the parcel.




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Let the Mystery begin!

Every year quilters from around the world participate in

Mystery quilts. This online adventure gives one clue per week

and if you can keep up, in approx. 6 – 8 weeks your quilt top is completed.

I am yet to finish last years, but that hasn’t stopped me from

playing along this year.


Allietare a


Allietare b


Allietare c

Fabrics taken from my stash along with a stack of neutrals.


Allietare h

Also hoping to use up some of these.


Allietare d

Yes I have the same grey fabric as Bonnie but not nearly enough.


Allietare f

So decided on this one instead.


Allietare i


Nearly completed the first weeks clue.

If you wish to join in on the here.

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Sewing Weekend!


Early morning walks and watching the sun rise makes for a great start to the day.


Sewing Weekend b


You can see the bright orange sun just coming up through the trees,

its going to be a glorious day.

Sewing Weekend a


Aubrey 1

 These were the very pretty fabrics I worked with on the weekend, a new version of Eloise

and by the end of the weekend the top was nearly completed.


Aubrey 2


Aubrey 3

 Just the borders to add.

This will be available as a kit from Palm Beach Quilting very soon.

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Photo Locations!

As always with new quilt designs, new locations for

photo locations are always in the back of my mind.

Weekends were spent traveling around and a couple of great spots were found

and either hubby or No 1 son tagged along to help carry

the many quiltsor as an extra pair of hands and opinions.


Seawinds a


The stunning picturesque Seawinds Gardens on the Mornington Peninsula.


Seawinds d


Seawinds c


Seawinds f


Some of the locals were there to great us.


Seawinds b


Seawinds e


Another great spot was the Noojee  Trestle Bridge.


Trestle Bridge a

This magnificent bridge is now part of a rail trail and is surrounded by

huge gum trees and tree ferns.


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