Happy Australia Day!



While searching for images to use in today’s post I came across this one below

and another suggesting to post some photos of our favourite places around

this great country we live in. Some I have posted before and others are totally new.


Happy Australia Day


Sunrise from our driveway 5.30 am one day last week,

off for my early morning walk.


Sunrise over the Ninety Mile Beach, Gippsland Victoria.

New Year 2016d


Noojee Trestle Bridge

Trestle Bridge a


Beautiful tall tree ferns and the smell of the gum trees after a shower of rain.

Fabric Frolic 15b


Great Divide c


Victoria’s High Country above & below.

Great Divide a




Murphy’s Haystacks, South Australia.



Mum Magpie and her very young chick.

         Magpies 1       Magpies 3


Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella






Aussie Beach Huts


Unique Aussie beach huts on the Mornington Peninsula.


Aussie beach Hut


The perfect finish, sunset over the water.

Happy Australia Day!


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The Federation Wallhanging!


Peterborough b


Peterborough c

Spent many, many hours at Steamtown in Peterborough.

Again with a personal tour, a shame we were there in the morning

and would miss the sound and light show only on in the evenings.


Another must see in Peterborough is The Federation Wallhanging.

A project that took over 2000 hours of research,planning, sewing,

reviewing and the ineitable unpicking when something

just didn’t look right, by 18 local women.


Peterborough e


The wallhanging depiccts the town, with a likeness to many of the buildings.

In the top right hand corner is The Royal Flying Docter Service plane. (RFDS)

A vital service to many of these country towns.


Peterborough f


Peterborough d


Peterborough g


Peterborough a

Proudly displayed in the Federation Foyer of the

Town Hall in a purpose-built jarrah display case,

by local cabinetmakers.


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More Travel Adventures!


Venus Bay was a favourite spot, with a population of just fifty

that swells in summer to over 3000. Unfortunately we were there

in an unseasonable heatwave of 40 – 42 degrees.






Another favourite was Koppio Smithy Musuem.

With many original and restored buldings.





English paper pieced hexagon quilt and a cuchion cover with suffolk puffs.




Koppio Museum a


Lots of examples of redwork from the late 1800’s

and a signatue cloth from the early 1900’s.



The ancient craft of corn dollies, very fragile and behind glass.


Untitled - 1

 Many, many old sewing machines, irons, washing machine and cash registers.



 Just had to take a photo and post this.



Edward John Eyre sculptures at Kimba,

the halfway point across Australia.



We saw this Wedge Tailed Eagle on a fence post,

by the time we stopped the car and got out the camera

he had taken off along with the other adult and two young ones.

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Travel Adventures!


After spending some weeks away in

sunny and very hot South Australia its now back to the real world.

I promise I won’t bore you with too many pics

of stunning beaches and scenery.

Well maybe just a few.

Click on the links for more info and pics.



Sunset at Port Victoria from our unit window.



Wattle Point Wind Farm more pics here.



Our accommadion in Port Augusta, circa 1883.



A personal guided tour of The Royal Flying Doctor Service

and hearing about the amazing work they do.



Stumpy Tailed Lizards everywhere.



Impressive billowing plumes of smoke from a controlled

burnoff near Port Lincoln.



Coffin Bay



 The Father Emu who not only looks after his own chicks

but baby sits others as well.



The historic Lake Hamilton Eating House.





The stunning coastline of the Eyre Peninsula

reminded us of The Great Ocean Road.



Murphy’s Haystacks in the middle of a wheat paddock.

If you find it hard to imagine how big these pink granite boulders

are, hubby is standing inside.




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AMQ Festival!


For many, many months Maureen from

Palm Beach Quilting and I have been collaborating

on one of many projects we hope to work on together.

This one is for release at the AMQ Festival in Adelaide.

Much time has been spent pouring over

my library of quilt designs, fabric swatches and colour cards.


Shimmering Stars a


Shimmering Stars b


Shimmering Stars c


Shimmering Stars 2


Bolts of fabric were ordered and soon began to arrive.


Shimmering Stars g


Shimmering Stars f


I spent many nights completing this new design and

have now handed it to Maureen to quilt

(which as writing this, have heard the quilting is completed)

and bind before I get to

photograph it for the new pattern.

Just a small snippet of a corner before its release later this month.


Shimmering Stars h

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