Jardin Parisien!


Yesterday I picked up one my new quilts ‘Jardin Parisien’ for the quilters,

made from the latest French General range Ville Fleurie.


Ville Fleurie c


Love all of the mauve/purple prints.


Ville Fleurie b


Ville Fleurie a


Today being rainy/sunny and struggling to reach double figures for much of the day,


Weather Station 13-7-16


is the perfect day to be inside by the fire stitching the binding.

(A chilly 3·7°c outside & a comfortable 18·7°c inside.)


Ville Fleurie e


Kits will be available from The Patchwork Tea House,

from either their website or one of the many shows they will be visiting over the next few months.

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The Patchwork Tea House!

The Patchwork Tea House a

It is with great sadness that I share the news that

The Patchwork Tea House store in Warburton is closing down.

This beautiful shop will be missed by many,

not only for Gary’s wonderful scones and

Marilyn’s generous support and encouragement.

I wish them well in their semi retirement

and look forward to their continued friendship.

Please click here to read the newsletter.

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Bon Voyage de Paris!


Who doesn’t love French General fabrics, personally I can’t get enough.

Always a new quilt when a new range comes out.


Bon Voyage de Paris e


The latest range ‘Bon Voyage’ is no exception.

With a design already drawn there was no time to waste.


Bon Voyage de Paris b


Bon Voyage de Paris c


Bon Voyage de Paris a


Bon Voyage de Paris f


Before I knew it, the quilt top was completed &

off to the quilters. Next was to find the right spot to

photograph for the pattern cover. These old cases were just perfect.


Bon Voyage de Paris g


Pattern & kits for ‘Bon Voyage de Paris’ are now complete

and are available at The Patchwork Tea House.


Bon Voyage de Paris 3


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Happy Fabric Frolicking!


This week I visited a couple of patchwork shops,

to restock them with my patterns before the

Fabric Frolic starts. Checked out some of the prizes,

there are going to be some very lucky people.


Fabric Frolic 2015


First shop I headed to The Patchwork Tea House.

Always love the drive there, as I take the scenic route

it takes a little longer but is worth it. It rained all the way,

something special about the Aussie bush when it rains

with the smell of the eucalypts and the beautiful tree ferns.


Fabric Frolic 15b


Fabric Frolic 15a


The Patchwork Tea House is well known for their

Devonshire Teas, a must have if you visit.


Fabric Frolic 15e


Fabric Frolic 15c


So much to look at

and new for this visit are the batiks.


Fabric Frolic 15d


Fabric Frolic 15f


Second stop was to Palm Beach Quilting,

also part of the Fabric Frolic.


Fabric Frolic 15j


Fabric Frolic 15k


Not only to restock my patterns and templates

but to drop off sample to showcase  a new range of fabrics.


Fabric Frolic 15l


Happy Fabric Frolicking for those

partaking in the festivites.



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