Grow Your Blog!


Today I’m participating in the 3rd annual

‘Grow Your Blog’ meet and greet party.

So following the guidelines from our host here goes.

Hi, I’m Julie and I live on the beautiful

Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.


 Mornington Peninsula a




Patchwork is a huge part of my life, being career,

hobby and passion. I love to design quilts and have more

designs drawn than I could possibly ever make in my lifetime.

There is always a quilt show, group

or new shop to visit, and many like minded people to meet.

Not to mention all the new quilts to start.


Quilts 3


Two of my quilts where all members of a friendship

group contribute to each others quilts.


Quilts 2


Quilts 1


The quilts made for teaching/patterns as well as those

made just because are starting to mount up.

These are just the ones at home at the moment,

most are out on loan to shops that stock my patterns.

Thats enough about me, I’m looking forward to visiting

many of the blogs participating and commenting

in the ‘Grow Your Blog’ party.

          Thank you for visiting