Heyfield pattern prep!

A week earlier, this is what was happening,

 Heyfield Stitchery Day l

 Patterns written and printed. Check 


Heyfield Stitchery Day k

Photos printed. Check


Heyfield Stitchery Day m

 Pattern covers printed. Check 

Now to get all of these sorted, folded and packed into their separate bags.

And all before Friday Night

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Heyfield Stitchery Day!

On Saturday, Jen from Lily Lane hosted a stitchery day at

Hayfield Wetlands. Sixty five lovely ladies joined us

for a day full of fun, laughter and food.


Heyfield Stitchery Day i

 All set up, the ladies are starting to arrive.


Heyfield Stitchery Day d


Heyfield Stitchery Day g


Heyfield Stitchery Day c


Heyfield Stitchery Day h


Heyfield Stitchery Day f


Heyfield Stitchery Day b

I was presented with these gorgeous flowers.  See the cute buttons on the pot.

Thank you ladies for a great day.


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A visit to Lily Lane!

On a recent visit to Lily Lane, these quilts were spotted.

Samples made from my patterns.

Lily Lane 02-16c

Morning Glory

 Lily Lane 02-16d

Stars over Kansas, looks great made in modern fabrics.


Lily Lane 02-16g


Lily Lane 02-16e


These Tula Pink fabrics were also spotted,


Lily Lane 02-16b


Lily Lane 02-16a


and very excited to bring these home with me.

New designs are drawn up & I can’t wait till I have some time to cut into them.

 Lily Lane 02-16f

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Lily Lane!

On the way home from the sewing weekend we called into

Lily Lane in Rosedale to organize a workshop for early next year.

Stunning building with high ceilings and great lighting.


Lily Lane a


Lily Lane b


Fabric to cater for all tastes.


Lily Lane c


Lily Lane d


Lily Lane e

 French General, a personal favourite of mine.


Lily Lane f


Lily Lane g

 Largest collection of Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes

I’ve ever seen. So spoilt for choice.

 Lily Lane h

Just a  few things for me to play with at home.

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