The Federation Wallhanging!


Peterborough b


Peterborough c

Spent many, many hours at Steamtown in Peterborough.

Again with a personal tour, a shame we were there in the morning

and would miss the sound and light show only on in the evenings.


Another must see in Peterborough is The Federation Wallhanging.

A project that took over 2000 hours of research,planning, sewing,

reviewing and the ineitable unpicking when something

just didn’t look right, by 18 local women.


Peterborough e


The wallhanging depiccts the town, with a likeness to many of the buildings.

In the top right hand corner is The Royal Flying Docter Service plane. (RFDS)

A vital service to many of these country towns.


Peterborough f


Peterborough d


Peterborough g


Peterborough a

Proudly displayed in the Federation Foyer of the

Town Hall in a purpose-built jarrah display case,

by local cabinetmakers.


          Thank you for visiting