Autumn Garden!

Out in the backyard today to take some pics of new designs,

too sunny and waiting for the sun to go behind a cloud.

With so much rain over the past couple of months,

the garden is looking very pretty.



The Camellias have been loaded with flowers this year.





My lemon tree is just as loaded with fruit.



This Bromeliad is the star of the garden.


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Camellia Blooms!


Just a short post today,

I wanted to share these stunning camellia flowers

that were gifted to me yesterday from a friend.


Bev's Camellias i


Stunningly beautiful large double flowers,

so heavy the stems can hardly hold them up.


Bev's Camellias h


One flower fell off in the car coming home,

it fits perfectly in this vintage glass bowl.

Feeling totally spoilt.

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