More Travel Adventures!


Venus Bay was a favourite spot, with a population of just fifty

that swells in summer to over 3000. Unfortunately we were there

in an unseasonable heatwave of 40 – 42 degrees.






Another favourite was Koppio Smithy Musuem.

With many original and restored buldings.





English paper pieced hexagon quilt and a cuchion cover with suffolk puffs.




Koppio Museum a


Lots of examples of redwork from the late 1800’s

and a signatue cloth from the early 1900’s.



The ancient craft of corn dollies, very fragile and behind glass.


Untitled - 1

 Many, many old sewing machines, irons, washing machine and cash registers.



 Just had to take a photo and post this.



Edward John Eyre sculptures at Kimba,

the halfway point across Australia.



We saw this Wedge Tailed Eagle on a fence post,

by the time we stopped the car and got out the camera

he had taken off along with the other adult and two young ones.

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