Quilts in the Barn 2014!


Last Friday we headed for Quilts in the Barn,

an annual event held over three days

with all profits going to Breast Cancer Research.

 QitB 2014c


Special guests this year were

Patty Harants and Brenda Papadakas.


QitB 2014


 Patty’s reproduction of the Rebecca Kohler Crib Quilt.

Along with yet another display of fabulous quilts.


QitB 2014d


QitB 2014e


QitB 2014f


QitB 2014g


QitB 2014j


QitB 2014k


QitB 2014l


QitB 2014r


QitB 2014s


QitB 2014n


QitB 2014h


QitB 2014t


QitB 2014u


QitB 2014q


QitB 2014p


QitB 2014o


QitB 2014a


And as always having a cuppa and a chat

with friends in this beautiful setting.


          Thank you for visiting